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Any criminal Charge is a Life-Changing Event.

In a lawsuit, money is at stake. In a criminal case, it’s your freedom and liberty. Take your charges seriously by hiring the only firm in Burke, Caldwell, and Catawba counties that has State Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists. We will work with you to explain your legal options, defenses, and best strategies in court. Let us fight for your rights.

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Morganton NC Defense Attorneys for Felony Charges

North Carolina Superior Court

A good defense attorney knows how to predict the outcome of a case. By using experience and knowledge of the law, a good defense lawyer can work out a path forward. We will work with you to establish the best defense strategy possible, and fight for you at trial. Felony charges come with the risk of more than just a criminal sentence, they can lead to job consequences, immigration consequences, loss of professional licenses, and more.

Before you stand up in court, protect yourself with one of our experienced Morganton, NC criminal defense attorneys. In our firm, Scott and Michelle Lippert are not only former prosecutors, but are Board-Certified State Criminal Law Specialists. Michelle is also a member of the prestigious Capital Defender’s List for attorneys qualified to represent indigent defendants charged with murder. Hire the best, and rest assured your interests will be represented in court.

Morganton NC Criminal Defense Attorneys for Misdemeanor Charges

North Carolina District Court

It may seem crazy, but anyone in North Carolina can go to a magistrate, present probable cause evidence, and charge another person with a crime. And in domestic violence cases, this can lead to the “48 hour hold” where a charged defendant is held without bond for up to two days. We know how to navigate these issues, and more. Whether you are charged a larceny, assault, or reckless driving, District Court misdemeanors can lead to long-term consequences for you and your driver’s license. Hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. With over 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys have seen it all and can help you through any misdemeanor situation.

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We Also Help Clients in the Following Areas:

Expunctions / Expungements

You may be eligible to erase some or all of your criminal record. New North Carolina laws allow you more flexibility to start with a fresh criminal record. Let one of our defense lawyers guide you through the process and erase your prior convictions.

Firearm Rights Restoration

There are several ways you can lose your firearm rights. One of our criminal defense attorneys can help you petition to get your rights restored. Whether it was a medical reason, or a prior conviction, our attorneys have the know-how and experience to help you restore your rights.

Traffic Tickets and DWI / DUI Defense

Impaired driving laws are complex, and you may have more options than you realize. Protect your freedom and your license by hiring a State Criminal Law Specialist. A Beyer & Lippert criminal defense lawyer will examine your case and help you navigate criminal court.

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